Golden Lion Casino Contacts in Australia

Learn easy ways to get in touch with the Lion Casino team for any questions you may have.


Upon navigating to the contacts tab on the Golden Lion Casino website, users will discover a range of email addresses categorized by specific topics to accommodate various inquiries. This method offers notable convenience, as users can select the relevant section, ensuring expedited responses to their queries. For optimal question submission, it’s advised to provide a detailed description and, if possible, attach a screenshot. This approach enhances the efficiency of addressing your inquiries:

Golden Lion casino email[email protected]

Golden Lion Casino email for Australia.

Phone Number

We recognize that emailing may not always be the most convenient option. It can often be more efficient to communicate via phone. That’s why we encourage you to reach out to our support team by phone. Our highly trained agents are ready to assist you with any issues. Please review the outlined methods for contacting us by phone:

US number+1 888 959 44 28
FR number+33 41 368 22 94 

Golden Lion Casino phone number for Australia.

Live Chat

Our live chat support is readily available to assist online players and address any casino-related inquiries. You can easily locate the chat icon situated in the lower right corner of the website or the Golden Lion Casino app. Our specially trained professional support agents are prepared to promptly respond to any question within two minutes. This expedited form of support is advantageous as it ensures the fastest assistance, and it’s completely complimentary, unlike phone calls, which may incur charges. Here is how to contact us via live chat:

Live chatDiscuss your problem with the administrator directly in a live format

Ask your questions in the Lion Casino live chat.

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Stay updated with our latest promotions and exclusive bonuses by connecting with us on social media. Gain exclusive access to our closed community, enjoying a range of benefits that come with being a part of it. Explore the various methods available for following us across different social platforms:

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Golden Lion Casino Social Media for Australia.